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SEKT on IST News by sekt — last modified 2004-10-25 03:04 PM
Only nine months after its launch, SEKT, a key European semantic Web research project, has had no fewer than eight submissions to a premier international conference accepted. [...]
IST News Article by sekt — last modified 2004-10-23 09:52 AM
Presenting Semantically Enabled Knowledge Technologies by sekt — last modified 2004-10-26 07:12 PM
The purpose of the semantically enabled knowledge technologies (SEKT) project is "to equip European industry for a future of more effective knowledge management in the emerging knowledge economy," says project director Dr. John Davies of BT Exact. The augmentation of knowledge discovery, organization, and sharing that SEKT is concentrating on will be effected by the Semantic Web, the semantic annotation of online data to facilitate the creation and dissemination of information that machines can understand.