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Bibliography Entry Created by dvr - Last Updated: 2005-03-16

Christoph Tempich, York Sure, and Denny Vrandecic (2004)

SEKT D.7.1.1: SEKT Methodology: Initial Guidelines


This deliverable provides the first set of guidelines for ontology engineering and application in SEKT: DILIGENT – DIstributed, Loosely-controlled and evolvInG Engineering of oNTologies. It consists several main building blocks: (i) a survey of relevant existing approaches, (ii) the DILIGENT process model and argumentation framework and (iii) first results from applying DILIGENT in the SEKT case studies. The DILIGENT process has already been evaluated in an in-situ experiment at the Institute AIFB, the argumentation framework is based on a thorough ex-post analysis in the biology domain.

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