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SEKT Vision

by sekt last modified 2004-10-10 11:52 AM
  • The vision of this project is to develop and exploit the knowledge technologies which will underlie Next Generation Knowledge Management (NGKM). These NGKM systems will include means for automated knowledge extraction, knowledge packaging and delivering according to user profiles as well as semantic-based knowledge analyses and matching for user-driven knowledge push. A major barrier to a widespread use of such NGKM systems in industry and organizations arises from the necessary overhead of knowledge modelling and annotation.
  • SEKT will address these and other NGKM challenges by an interdisciplinary approach focussing on substantially reducing the overhead of knowledge modelling and annotation of sources. This will be done by integrating Ontology & Metadata Technology (OMT), Human Language Technology (HLT), and Knowledge Discovery (KD) into a uniform and scalable framework that supports the integrated learning and management of ontologies and metadata in a (semi-) automatic way.
  • The three technologies will be combined to produce semi-automatic tools for the creation of ontologies, the population of those ontologies with medadata, and the maintenance and evolution of the ontologies and associated metadata. A knowledge access tool will also be developed to make use of the ontologies and associated metadata to meaningfully access the knowledge. Middleware software, with published APIs, will enable the suite of tools to interoperate. Specifically, the use of ontologies and metadata underlies the SEKT components, and the whole approach; human language technology will be used to extract metadata; knowledge discovery will be used to semi-automatically learn and evolve ontologies.