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by sekt last modified 2004-10-10 10:24 AM

Activity on the project falls into a number of key areas:

  • Technical workpackages on ontology generation; metadata generation; ontology and metadata management; and ontology mediation; on access to semantically-enabled knowledge; besides a workpackage on integration of the resultant software components into a cohesive system.
  • Workpackages to develop a methodology, for the introduction of semantic knowledge technologies into enterprises; and to develop the methodology and analysis techniques for the case studies.
  • A workpackage for each of the three case studies themselves (e.g. in the legal domain and the telecoms industries).
  • Workpackages on dissemination and exploitation; and training.
  • A workpackage to undertake the technical management and a workpackage to undertake the overall consortium management.

Within each of these areas there are significant dependences, and there are also considerable dependencies across the areas.