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SEKT Resources

by sekt last modified 2006-09-15 12:07 PM

This area of the website provides various additional ressources regarding SEKT, such as relared documents and web links.

  • Related Links

    This site links features a compilation of important links to web sites relevant for SEKT.

  • SEKT Readings

    A reading list covering all of the key technology areas of the SEKT project

  • SEKT Components - Or download as PDF

    This table lists all the components developed as part of the SEKT project. These are chiefly software modules; however also included are the PROTON ontology and an ontology-annotated corpus available for research and test purposes.

  • SEKT Demo

    The SEKT concept demonstrator has been created to show the business potential of SEKT technology. The scenario is set in the financial services sector, but the ideas can be easily extrapolated to a range of sectors and application domains. Please take a few minutes to view this demonstrator and learn about the power of SEKT technology. Alternatively, you can download the demo